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Academic (Mid Year) Diaries – Now In Stock

Calling Academia! Mid-year diaries are now in store at Farrants.

Bored of a black cover? We’ve got some diaries that’ll brighten up your school year. For those that like a more muted tone, don’t worry, we’ve also got some black diaries in!

From large to small and from dark to bright, we’ve got a great range of academic year diaries to choose from.

While the boss is at lunch…

I don’t know, leave them alone for an hour and this is what the team get up to!

Come and see (and play with!) some of our exciting new range of outdoor toys and games.

Hopscotch, Paddling pools, play houses, giant Frisbees, giant 4-in-a-row and even the odd bucket and spade or two and that’s just the start of it!

You bet we’re ready for the sunny weather at Farrants!

Is it Mother’s Day? What? Today?

Oh yes, yes it is. And If this is the look on your face right now, don’t panic! We’ve just opened and if your Mum is having a well-deserved lie in, you may yet save yourself.

Sneak out, run like the wind to Farrants, get a card, some chocolates and a magazine or two and you might just make it back home in time to surprise your Mum with a cup of tea in bed like nothing ever happened and you’ve been planning for months. Of course, that’s if you are old enough to go out by yourself. If you are too young to be let out on the world solo, there’s nothing for it but try to make the best card you can out of whatever you have to hand and hope for the best.

Next year though, you really must try harder and make every effort to remember that your Mum is awesome and deserves a well planned, well thought out pamper day – after all she puts up with you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! The most important day of the year for book lovers.
There are thousands of bookshops and schools taking part in the big day, and Farrants is no exception. Make sure you head down to The Cobham Bookshop, check out their website here.

Celebrate the rich history of Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon with our brilliant books by local historian David C. Taylor, and Anne Stevens.